MMOer Mindset

by Alex Trần

Adopt The Correct Mindset

  • I want you to understand, I am not all airy fairy positive with no point to it. I am telling you without doubt you need a certain mindset to succeed. It just has to be done. It’s a mandatory requirement.
  • You have to believe success is just a state of mind.
  • Start reading the right books/ audiobooks
  • Get around the right people
  • Feed your mind with the right stuff
  • Attract the right opportunities

How To Think About Being A MMOer

  • Always come from a place of service
  • Be a person of value (increase knowledge)
  • Educate yourself
  • Be a real student of marketing (always be learning)
  • Always absorb and be alert to enhance your skills
  • Be your own brand
  • Have a bigger purpose

How To Think About Traffic

  • Comes Down TO THREE THINGS

1 SOURCE -where traffic comes from

2 FUNNEL -where you send it to

3 MONETIZE -how you make money from this

You will learn all three

Don’t get too hung up on the particulars


  • It’s still a relatively new industry
  • You can be top of the food chain
  • Skills + Knowledge Trump Everything Else
  • Think about building your own brand and system
  • You can emulate what you see
  • Be your own “guru”
  • It’s not hard
  • All the programs you see and purchase out there (including this one) use the exact principles I will teach you here
  • With one difference…I leave nothing out!

Traffic is the KEY

  • Once you have the traffic nailed down you have a business model
  • Traffic is the highest commodity in the world today
  • Google, Facebook, Bing make 100% of their revenue through advertising/traffic
  • They don’t need an “offer” or a “funnel”
  • Once you understand how to create your own traffic source and convert it, you are in a great position
  • “Push Button Traffic”

Think Bigger

  • Everything action you take should have a purpose
  • Don’t get side tracked by shiny objects
  • Think about building the long term brand

Staying Focused

  • Avoid being sucked in by “flash in the pan”
  • Focus on your mission
  • Long term vs Short term

Be A MMOer 24/7

  • Avoid being sucked in by “flash in the pan”
  • Focus on your mission
  • Long term vs Short term


  • I am teaching you everything I have learnt about making money online
  • Be patient, and follow the process
  • It works
  • Take notes and bring questions to the weekly Q and A sessions

Recommended Resources

  • Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill
  • Scientific Advertising By Claude Hopkins
  • The Science OF Getting Rich
  • Anything By Seth Godin
  • Neil Patel
  • Sam Ovens
  • Russell Brunson


  • Take notes
  • Chose one book to go through
  • Bring any questions to the call / chat with me

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