A Definitive Guide To Bluehost Shared Hosting Packages

by Alex Trần

If you’ve decided that shared hosting is right for you and that Bluehost is a good choice, then you should know about Bluehost’s 3 plan options.

They are:

  1. Starter
  2. Plus
  3. Business Pro 

Plus is the most popular because it’s the best in terms of value and services, but you should pick the one that makes the most sense for what you’re trying to do.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Packages

Take a look at this screenshot to understand the difference:


This is the smallest and cheapest shared hosting package that you can buy from Bluehost. This is indeed a good package that is feature rich and costs only $3.29/month for 3 years. 

This package allows you to host one website.

The Starter package offers 100GB bandwidth/month which is more than enough for you to run your website on shared hosting. 

This package doesn’t come with Cloudflare CDN, but you can always directly sign up for Cloudflare and integrate your free CDN without the help of Bluehost. 

Note: You should choose Starter package when you are planning to host only one website and have no plans for adding more websites in the future.


This is the most popular package on Bluehost. 

Pro is featured rich and offers everything which Starter offers + unlimited websites + free marketing coupons worth $200 + a free CDN. (The marketing coupons are usually free AdWords coupons and Facebook ads coupons.) 

This package also comes with 1 free domain. 

This package is $5.95/month with this discount link (usually $9.99/month).

If you were looking for my recommendation, I would recommend the Plus package for mostly every beginning blogger. This is a complete value for the money.  To get even more bang for your buck, you should consider buying a plan for a minimum of 2 or 3 years to save on recurring charges (the discount is only valid on the first bill).

Business Pro

This package is targeted to businesses that are hosting their site on shared hosting and looking for extra features. 

This hosting package is recommended for those who need a dedicated I.P. and an SSL certificate. 

Do remember, SSL is now a search engine ranking factor, and if you are running an e-commerce website, you should definitely have an SSL certificate (HTTPS).

 You will still get a free domain name in addition to a free Who.is guard.

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